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I'm experienced with public and private companies and start-ups. It’s one of our strengths. We provide a personal touch to our services because of our experience

Dr Josef Daniel-Ivad, President

jdi energy consulting

We believe in solar education. Our website is not just a lead-generation tool but also an educational platform that educates our clients before they go solar

Tyson Nicholson, partner at Sunly Energy

Sunly Energy


Seth Little, Product Manager Director, CLEAResult

  • How Recent Technological Advancements are Paving the Way to an Energy-Efficient Future

Miguel Ezpeleta, Head of Wind Operations, Acciona Energia

  • The importance of leadership in the energy transition

Charlotte Smith, Energy Business Review

  • The Significance Of Procurement Analytics Today

Julian Kaufmann, Senior Vice President at CAMS

  • Repurposing Resources: Installing New Battery Energy Storage Utilizing Existing Infrastructure

Bob Yancey, Business Development Director, Hexcel

  • Making the Switch From Prototyping to Production

Chris Hudson, Associate Waste Consultant

  • Cleaner Energy from Waste

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